allenpaul123 (allenpaul123) wrote in lovequotes,

Love Quotes are not only words

Love Quotes are not only collection of some words but these are the voice from our heart and represent true feelings for the other person. In love quotes, basically you try to cover your feelings in a small sentence and these words are, of course, precious and priceless for your lover.

Love is the only fruit available whole year and it is available to everyone.

Love looks easy to enter but it requires a lot of scarification.

Faith is the main point in making everything possible while love is the only thing that makes it easy

Love cannot turn into happy ending as Love has no ending, so don't wait for the ending.

Love is such a thing that can turn an ordinary life into a fairytale.

Love is a very precious gift that you can give to a special person so be careful in selecting that person.

There are many love quotes available on internet and you can select a lot of quality love quotes from there. Sending love quotes to your lover will not only make him/her aware of your feelings but also create a soft corner in the heart of other person. But all this can be achieved by selecting right quote for the right time.
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